Management Consulting

There are so many integrated parts in projects, departments, and companies that can be optimized to achieve the maximum benefits for goals, and financial objectives.

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Business Development

One of our key specialties is the creative and unique design and implementation for creating and growing businesses.  This includes

  • strategic planning
  • financial analysis
  • creating business plans
  • creating departmental and project plans
  • assisting to secure financing
  • creating and executing enhanced marketing programs
  • assisting to deliver sales revenues.

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Project Management

Nothing happens without creating and executing on Project Plans.  We have the expertise to set the scope and to ensure that projects are delivered on budget and on time.  Our multi-faceted expertise includes

  • all Business Processes, such as operations, business development, EDI implementation, marketing, sales, etc.
  • Process Reorganization and systems re-engineering
  • all Information Technology and related disciplines
  • New systems delivery and implementation
  • Construction Management

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Information Technology

Technology is a tool that helps the individual and organizations, access and manipulate information.  We select and utilize just a few of these tools, out of the thousands of options.  We have outstanding expertise in Multi-Value databases and systems, which include UniData, UniVerse, UniBasic, System Builder (SB+), Informer, etc.  Some past specialties include:

  • Large ERP systems including Fund Accounting
  • Distribution, Manufacturing, Retail, Human Resource Management, Information Retrieval, PEO, Healthcare solutions, Process Management and Tracking, and more…
  • Internet client implementation with existing legacy systems
  • Library and Information management
  • Media-Wiki design and implementation.  Uses include Documentation for systems, programs, database files, processes

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Electricity is one of the most efficient and effective transformations of power, which gives us opportunities to enhance, expand, and enrich our lives.

We are partners and can deliver many diverse projects such as using Eco-Gen technology from 60 kWh to utility scale projects of many mega-watts.  We can also deliver and install solar street lights for security and safety.

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3% of the worlds water is available for mankind to drink.  We must envision ways to re-constitute variant forms of water for our use.  Then be diligent in protecting and conserving that precious resource.

One innovative solution is extracting moisture out of ambient air.  The Sky-Water solution is a turnkey installation and operates with minimal operator intervention.

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Library & Information

Information organization, retrieval, manipulation, and delivery is the essence of libraries and learning systems.  We have particular expertise in the entire realm of information handling, and information management.

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There are opportunities everywhere for individuals and organizations to make the world a better place.

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